Making a difference

Emmy’s Hope “Saving Animals One Heart at a time” Emmy Perry


I am so honored to share with you my dear friends David and Elaine Perry and their daughter Emmy.  The vision Emmy created is “Saving animals one heart at a time.”  My dear and close friend Elaine has always been an animal advocate of love and I see Elaine’s love and example now blossoming continually in her daughter Emmy. 

Elaine and David have volunteered for years in animal shelters and then began taking their little girl Emmy with them and from then on Emmy dedicated her life to the love, happiness and finding homes for shelter dogs.  Emmy created her mission “Saving animals one heart at a time.” 

“Always remember a pet is for life, they only give love and they only have you, give them a happy ever after.”  Emmy Perry

To help Emmy find every dog a home please adopt a shelter dog for your best friend ever, and spread awareness to others to adopt and not shop.  The following are ways we can all help Emmy’s Hope.

  • Adopt a dog from Emmy’s Hope 
  • Donate supplies to animal shelters through Emmy’s Hope.
  • Network dogs you find on Emmy’s Hope website, on your own websites and social media.
  • Share Emmy’s Hope website
  • Volunteer at your local dog shelters.
  • Share conversations about adopting and not shopping.   


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