Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff Castle Images

The original Bailey Castle and Motte built in the 11th century.

Cardiff Castle Images

The beautiful Cardiff Palace built by Victorian architect William Burges.

Cardiff Castle Images

The Cardiff Palace small dining room located in the apartments.

Cardiff Castle Images

Stunning rooms of artistic mastery.

Cardiff Castle Images

The dining room located in the apartments.

Cardiff Castle Images

The stunning kaleidoscope-like ceiling.

Enchanting Dyffryn Images

Photos:  Cardiff Castle Images

Enchanting Dyffryn Gardens.

Reflections of Cardiff the capital of Wales a place I will always remember.  The lovely people, magnificent castles, beaches and gardens located on the Bristol Channel.  Wales is also poised along St.Georges Channel, Cardigan Bay, and the Irish Sea.

The Bailey Castle is a step into history with an alluring view from inside.  The Cardiff Palace right next to the Bailey Castle has an outstanding tour where you will see some of the most captivating, ornate, and detailed architecture.  Be sure to see The Rooftop Garden and The Clock Tower.

Visit the Welsh Villages, gardens, and beautiful wild horses along the way with refreshing scenes of untouched land.




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