Sharing the beauty of Venice

Remembering Venice Italy in the warmth of the summer sun on the vibrant green Adriatic Sea.¬†¬†Discover the many hidden jewels of Venice with relaxing walks without cars into a fairytale. ¬†Take in a climb of the Piazza San Marco Bell Tower and see beautiful watercolor Venice views.¬†¬†Visit¬†St. Mark’s Basilica San Marco and you will see outstanding gold mosaics each tell a story from the Bible.¬† Visit the splendid Rialto Bridge and take some amazing photos.¬† Be sure to take a ride in the gondolas through the Grand Canal thoroughfare where you will see a grand scale of elegant palaces, churches, and buildings of Renaissance and Gothic architecture. There are wine tasting tours you will enjoy and learn the history of beautiful Venice.

Enjoy this romantic place and Venetian cuisine. ¬†The Venetian lagoon location and nearby island gardens of Sant’Erasmo provide fish and vegetable delights the locals love. ¬†Visit the Mercato di Rialto fish market near the Rialto Bridge for your shopping. ¬†You will find a variety of fresh vegetables¬†and seafood selections. ¬†Gelato is a delight every day. ¬†

When I seek another word for ‘music’, I never find any other word than ‘Venice’.

-Friedrich Nietzsche


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