Happy New Year 2018


Scottish Heather, the photo was taken by Debra Kirkham.

I loved visiting Scotland and everyone was so kind and welcoming.  Several years ago on New Years Day, I walked from the Edinburgh Marriott along snowflake patterned sidewalks to a lovely white steeple top church. In my heavy winter coat, I felt light and welcomed by a lovely lady sitting behind me as she tapped on my shoulder and handed the hymnal book to me.  When the music and singing began I was in awe of the beauty.

Afterward, Marjorie introduced herself and invited me to have tea with her in the after church gathering.  She asked about my trip to Scotland and if there was anything from Scotland I really wanted to see and wasn’t able to see it.  I let her know that I really wanted to see the Scottish Heather.  She then described her garden of Scottish Heather at her home.

Later in the afternoon, I received a call from the front desk that I had a package.  I was surprised and delighted to find a gift wrapped in Christmas paper.  The note was from Marjorie letting me know to take the Scottish Heather through customs and how to care for the Scottish Heather in California.  I opened the package to find beautiful Scottish Heather right from Marjorie’s garden.

I was able to get the Scottish Heather through customs.  I later wrote a thank you note to Marjorie and sent the note to the church as she did not leave her address.  I asked for the note to be read in one of the church services.  I love to recognize Marjorie every New Years Day and share her unexpected kindness!  

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